Interactive whiteboard resource: Talking, writing, sequencing, reading together

Picture frames by cartoonist Nik Scott in the Kindergarten & Year One interactive whiteboard resources for Tree story, Flower story and Pirate story provide wonderful opportunities for class discussion, predictions, teacher scribing, and student re-telling, sequencing and re-reading of the stories they have created.  Teachers can create stories with students that feature simple, predictable text or write stories which are rich and literary, featuring descriptive writing or the use of speech or thought bubbles. To download all the resources for Jump into storyboarding,  go to the Download tab or to Because the file sizes in this resource are so big, Skydrive requires downloaders to sign up for a free account to collect them.


4 Smart notebooks for each story  

1 - Writing: Pictures only - students predict what the story will be about by looking at the complete story together. Questioning can also point students to look   for the visual clues that reveal characters' emotions. Next, they return to the beginning and the teacher scribes the story for each page. 

2 - Sequencing - students click and drag to sequence the story pages within a grid, explaining their choices.

3 - Sequencing - students pull out pages one by one from behind a balloon and sequence them, explaining their choices.

4 - Story icons - students label story elements [this is an extension fun, pacy activity, after rich discussion about what a story is]

NB The enormous complete Smart notebook which shows the lessons layout should not be used - Use the small notebook files. Remember - whenever you exit a Smart notebook file you have been using with a class, NEVER save changes.

Printed resources for classrooms without an interactive whiteboard

Teachers may like to use the character & story icon posters and wordless picture booklets to support individual student writing. The student-created booklets can then be read again and again in reading sessions.



Jump into storyboarding with Pig and Bear